Slavic Warriors

The Fall of the Bright One
and the Rise of Shadows


In the cradle of time, when legends danced with reality, dwelt Białobóg, the Bright God. His laughter echoed through emerald forests, a boon to creatures both fantastical and human.

But peace, like morning dew, is fleeting. Shadows crept in, cloaked in the guise of soldiers who snatched his beloved Wiosna, Spring personified.

Fury, a venomous serpent, coiled around Białobóg’s heart. His pleas for her return turned to rage, then despair, then something darker. Hidden in mountain caverns, he devoured forbidden magic, twisting his once radiant soul into Czarnobóg, the Dark God.

His love soured into venomous hatred, blaming mythical creatures for failing to protect and humans for stealing his joy. He conjured an army of nightmares, tearing through the living world like a blizzard through flowers. Yet, even fuelled by vengeance, his power waned.

Good, resilient, humans and mythical beings fought back, their combined light pushing him back into the shadows.

Imprisoned within the heart of Giewont, guarded by five enchanted keys, Czarnobóg became a chilling legend whispered around crackling fires. Millennia passed, humans multiplied, and the fantastical faded, seeking refuge in forgotten corners. Wiosna, however, remained lost, a captive shadow haunting Czarnobóg’s prison.

But even the deepest darkness holds embers. Whispers of forgotten magic stir, secrets waiting to be unearthed. The prison weakens, and shadows stretch, yearning for the world bathed in sunlight. The question hangs heavy: will the echoes of Czarnobóg’s rage reawaken, or will a new light rise to challenge the encroaching darkness?

The Return of Shadows
the Rise of the Slavic Warriors

Chapter 1 - Summery

In the year 2024, Krakow pulsed with modern life, oblivious to the ancient shadows stirring beneath its streets. Three metal-loving teenagers, fuelled by youthful rebellion and forbidden texts, dared to summon the banished god Czarnobóg. 


Their naive ambition for magical power blinded them to the darkness they unleashed.

As whispers of his return echoed through the ancient forests, Czarnobóg materialized at the ritual place, not in fury, but with a chillingly seductive promise. Drawn by the teenagers’ naive ambition, he didn’t demand their souls, but offered a twisted gift: fragments of his own corrupted heart.

Lured by power and blinded by their thirst for magic, the teenagers readily accepted. With a cruel twist, the shards embedded themselves, transforming them not into champions of light, but into the „Warriors of Darkness.” 


Now, their veins pulsed with stolen shadows, their hearts twisted mirrors of Czarnobóg’s own malevolent desires. Anna, once yearning for adventure, now revelled in inflicting fear, her laughter echoing like chilling chimes in the night. Adam and Gregory, fuelled by anger, their fists became instruments of pain, their strikes imbued with the god’s own darkness.

Guided by the whispering shards, they became Czarnobóg’s lieutenants. Mystical beasts returned to once again terrorize the land. People of the mythical domain shuddered in their wake, whispers of the „Black Warriors” spreading like wildfire.

Unwittingly, two children, Larysa and Lev, stumbled upon the keys to Czarnobóg’s prison, releasing dormant magic within them.

These enchanted crystals revealed them as the prophesied Slavic Warriors, destined to fight the darkness. Elara and Eldarion, the weathered elf guardians of Czarnobóg’s prison watched with despair, their hearts heavy with a newfound burden: to guide the true Slavic Warriors, prophesied to rise and challenge the darkness.


Guided by two weathered elf guardians, they honed their powers, forging an uneasy alliance with the hidden community of mythical creatures living within the forgotten heart of an abandoned mine.

Czarnobóg, twisted by grief and rage, his heart a festering wound from the loss of Wiosna, his beloved Spring embodied. He twisted clay and creatures into monstrous golems, his vengeance aimed at Wawel Castle, where Wiosna’s spirit was kept captive within a statue, her life force sustaining the castle and its inhabitants.


Months blurred into battles against Czarnobóg’s monsters, each skirmish revealing Czarnobóg’s growing desperation. He sought the fabled Egg of Creation, an ancient artifact of immense power, hidden beneath Wawel Castle, guarded by a slumbering dragon. His plan: to birth a monstrous champion fueled by the Egg’s power and break Wiosna’s imprisonment. 

In the depths of his rage, a twisted hope flickered. If he could bind her essence to his darkness, weaving her stolen heartbeat into the tapestry of his power, their combined might would eclipse all realms.


Not to rule, but to remake the world in a warped reflection of their love, a dominion where humanity would cower before the storm they unleashed.

It was a dream woven from shadows, a promise whispering both seduction and oblivion.

Following Czarnobóg’s trail, the Warriors found the dragon, shrunk and weak. Witnessing the creature’s plight, they pledged to help. Amidst the ensuing chaos, Czarnobóg used the Egg’s power to twist one of his Warriors of Darkness, into a monstrous puppet. Slavic Warriors fought bravely. The dragon lending its newfound strength to Lev, now imbued with the combined power of the crystals and the awakened beast.

While the battle raged, Larysa and the elves attempted to break the spell on Wiosna’s statue. Failing, they teleported it to the hidden village, hoping to shield it from destruction.

Yet, tensions flared amidst the creatures, fear of Czarnobóg’s wrath clouding their judgment. Larysa, her voice resonating with the determination of a true warrior, quelled the rising discord, reminding them of Lev’s sacrifice and their shared responsibility.


Suddenly, a radiant tear escaped the statue’s eye, transforming into a powerful crystal as legend foretold. Larysa, empowered by the crystal, soared as a white bird, joining the battle with Czarnobóg’s monstrous lieutenant.

In a daring manoeuvre, cloaked in the veil of twilight, the elves embarked on a perilous mission. Their destination: Czarnobóg’s festering lair, a place where shadows writhed and darkness pulsed. Their purpose: not brute force, but distraction.

To draw the god’s gaze away from the battlefield, to prick his ego with a thorn of defiance, weakening his hold on the fight. It was a gambit fraught with danger, a dance with madness on the precipice of oblivion, but they went nonetheless, their courage a flickering flame in the encroaching darkness. They would buy their brethren precious moments, even if it meant facing the abyss itself.


Under a sky bruised by storm clouds, Larysa, Lev, and the mighty dragon stood united, pushing back the monstrous puppet, their combined light a beacon against the encroaching darkness. The crystal’s radiant glow shattered the spell, freeing teenage girl and weakening Czarnobóg, leaving him wounded and hissing like a cornered viper. Trust forged in the crucible of battle, they rescued the girl from the churning Vistula, their bond deepening with each shared hardship.

Yet, shadows lingered. The elves, their hearts warped by Czarnobóg’s dark touch before his disappearance, they returned to the village, cloaked in secrecy. Suspicion gnawed at Larysa, whispers shared with Lev in hushed tones. The girl, once monster, now comrade, bore the scars of her ordeal, seeking redemption alongside them. Gifted a Slavic Warrior crystal, she swore a vow, her friendship a flickering flame against the gathering gloom.

The Egg of Creation, salvaged from the river’s depths, now rested within the village temple, its power a double-edged sword. But lurking beneath the surface, the elves harbored hidden ambitions, their own desires twisting their loyalty. Deception snaked its way into their words, their aim to seize the Egg’s might for their own gain.

A corrupted forest spirit, infused with the elves’ twisted magic, unleashed its fury upon the village. The Warriors, hearts heavy with betrayal, were forced to confront their former mentors, the lines between trust and duty blurring like mirages in the heat of battle.

With mythical creatures at their side, they fought to subdue the enraged spirit, cleansing the land with the purifying light of their crystals. But true victory demanded confrontation. Guided by an ancient nature god, awakened from its slumber, they learned the delicate balance between humanity and the untamed wild. In a clash of spirits, a battle of light and shadow, they fought against their former friends, now corrupted. Black crystals, ripped from elves’ hearts, shattered, releasing them from the darkness’ grip. Corrupted spirit retrieves to shadows.

The elves’ true motivations, rooted in an ancient feud with Czarnobóg, unfolded. Hatred burned bright, fuelling their susceptibility to darkness. The Warriors, delving deeper into Slavic lore, unearthed the roots of this bitter rivalry, forging an alliance with the nature god. They understood the cyclical nature of good and evil, the dance of shadows and light woven into the very fabric of existence.

A heavy silence descended upon the clearing, the weight of unspoken doubts pressing down. With trembling hands, the elves offered their power crystals back to Larysa and Lev, their eyes clouded with guilt and fear. „Take them,” one elf rasped, voice thick with regret. „We are unworthy, our hearts too fragile to wield such potent light. We fear the darkness could twist us once more, and we would become your enemy, not your allies.”


The words hung heavy in the air, laced with the bitter sting of betrayal and the shame of self-doubt. Larysa and Lev exchanged a worried glance, the memory of the elves’ corrupted forms still raw in their minds. Yet, they saw the genuine remorse in their mentors’ eyes, the flicker of the flame they had fought so hard to rekindle.


„No,” Lev declared, his voice steady despite the churning emotions. „We fought together, bled together. That bond cannot be severed so easily. We trust you, not blindly, but with the understanding that the path to redemption demands courage, not retreat.”

Larysa echoed his sentiment, her gaze unwavering. „The darkness thrives on division, on fear that drives us apart. Together, we can fight it, with our crystals, our hearts, and our unwavering trust in each other.”


A glimmer of hope flickered in the elves’ eyes, a tiny spark battling against the shadows that lingered within. The decision hung in the balance, a test of faith and resilience. Would they succumb to fear, or would they embrace the fragile hope of unity?


Meanwhile, in the desolate hinterlands, Czarnobóg plotted his revenge. Forgotten magic stirred at his call, weaving a shroud of darkness around him. As power coursed through his veins, his laughter echoed – a chilling harbinger of the storm brewing on the horizon.

This is just the beginning. Shadows loom, alliances shift, and the fate of Kraków hangs in the balance. Will the Slavic Warriors rise to the challenge? Will they forge a new dawn or succumb to the encroaching darkness?

The Redemption of Białobóg
- Coming Soon -

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